Apply online For punjab driving licence 

Apply Online For Punjab Driving License Via Www.Dlims.Punjab.Gov.Pk

Apply online For punjab driving licence 

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Apply Online For Punjab Driving License Via Www.Dlims.Punjab.Gov.Pk

It is now possible to apply for a driving licence in Punjab through the  Punjab Dlims website. The Punjab government has launched a new online portal, the  driving licence Punjab portal, which provides a register facility for driving licence applications. To apply, visit the  Punjab Dlims  website mentioned above.

This initiative aims to reduce the need for physical visits to licensing centres by allowing citizens to apply for driving licences online from their homes. The initiative was taken by Chief Minister Naqvi, and more information is available at

To avail the benefits of the new service, DLIMS Punjab, you can visit the official website of the Punjab Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS) at This platform is user-friendly and offers a simplified application process, eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork that citizens of Punjab had to go through. The Traffic Police Punjab has also played a positive role in this regard. Recently, the DLIMS Punjab app has also been introduced to facilitate the citizens of Punjab.

DLIMS Punjab is an online platform for residents to review their driving licence information and application status. Access to DLIMS is available through their official website

In 2017, the Punjab Information Technology Board developed the Punjab Driving Licence Information System (DLIMS) to allow citizens to perform tasks like applying for a new licence or renewing an existing one online. DLIMS can also be used to access licence information and manage related aspects. To enquire about licensing or any issues, visit the DLIMS Punjab website.

The above table of contents lists the sections included in this document about the Punjab Driving Licence Information System (DLIMS) in Punjab. It covers key features of DLIMS, how to apply online for a driving licence through DLIMS, the fee schedule for obtaining a computerised driving licence in Punjab, the documents required for obtaining a learner licence in Punjab, information about the Punjab Driving Licence App, and contact details for Punjab Driving Licence including Traffic Police Helpline Numbers.

“Punjab DLIMS: Key Features.”

DLIMS in Punjab stores all driving licence information in a centralised database, ensuring meticulous record-keeping and preventing fraudulent activity. It verifies document authenticity and provides updates on application status. The portal offers convenient web-based options for licence renewal and modifications, and enables checking of delivery status. Law enforcement entities have access to the DLIMS database.

What are the steps to apply online for a learner’s permit?

  1. The licensing website of DLIMS requires the creation of an account.
  2. Provide the required information on the application form.
  3. Documents must be uploaded according to the application instructions.
  4. Provide a PSID (payment slip identification number).
  5. Pay with an ATM, online banking, or mobile banking service.

Fee Schedule for Computerized Driving Licence in Punjab

Motor Cycle50500550
2Motor Car150750900
3Delivery Van60280340
8Road Ruler100500600
9Loco Moto140660800
10Invalid Carriage20100120
11Motor Cycle + Car200750950
12Motor Cycle + LTV200750950
13Motor Cycle + Rickshaw100450550
14Motor CAB + Rickshaw100450550
15LTV + PSV150750900
16HTV + PSV20010001200
Fee Schedule for Computerized Driving Licence in Punjab

The above table shows the fee schedule for computerised driving licences in Punjab. The first column shows the category of vehicle, followed by the test fee (in Rs.) and the issue fee for 5 years (in Rs.). The last column shows the total fee (in Rs.) for each category.

To apply for a learner’s licence in Punjab,

 applicants must provide a photocopy of their original national identity card (NIC) along with office tickets of Rs. 60. Additionally, it is mandatory to obtain a code book of traffic rules and regulations from the traffic police office. The DLIMS online application is now available for all candidates. If you want to obtain a driving licence in Punjab, you must first apply for a learner’s licence and pass the required test. 

Punjab Driving License App  Online Learning License App

An online learning licence app for Punjab has been launched in December 2023. It offers features like renewal of driving licence, tracking of Punjab driving licence, and information about renewal and licence fees.

Punjab driving licence renewal online allows citizens to track and check the delivery status of their licence.

Documents required are listed below

  1. The applicant’s passport size pictures.
  2. Scanned and submit front and back side picture of CNIC 
  3.  medical certificate signed by a government doctor if the applicant age is more than 50 years .
  4. Beside that , it must  to note that only citizens can apply for a learner’s driving license with  paying a fee of Rs. 60 until December 31.initialy January 1, 2024, the fee will be increased to Rs. 1,000, representing a significant hike of 1566%.

Punjab driving license Contact – Traffic Police Punjab helpline numbers

For information about driving licence or Learner Driving licence in Punjab, contact Punjab Driving License Helpline or Traffic Police Punjab. Phone: (042) 99204619-20

Contact Traffic Police Regional and Driving Licensing Offices across the country for help with driving licence queries and learners’ driving licence information. Email: [email protected] & [email protected].

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